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At SMART Nurseries, we are dedicated to supporting each child with a healthy and nutritious start to their journey of exploring a range of foods. Our nurseries follow the Healthy Movers Campaign, along with Healthy Under 5s Programme. Each week we provide the children with a range of fruits and vegetables to explore and taste during their mid-morning snack, we also promote the importance of early baking.

Providing children with a range of foods, supports their understanding of the effects foods have on their bodies and how we can safely eat a varied range of textures and tastes. Each week our settings carry out a Healthy Movers Activity which supports a wide range of physical, social, emotional, and healthy eating opportunities.

Below is a selection of healthy, tasty recipes from the Healthy Under 5s Programme. Click the titles to access the recipes.

6 months +

Delicious Dhal        

7 - 9 months

10 - 12 months

12 months +