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Promoting Positive Behaviour

At SMART Nurseries we believe that children flourish best when they feel safe and secure and have their needs met by supportive practitioners who act as good role models, show them respect and value their individual personalities. Children are supported through co-regulation, where adults and children work together towards a common purpose, including finding ways to resolve upsets from stress in any domain and return to balance leading onto a path to self-regulation. The nurseries actively promote British Values and encourages and praise positive, caring and polite behaviour at all times and provide an environment where children learn to respect themselves, other people and their surroundings.

We implement the early years curriculum, supporting children to develop their personal, social and emotional development. This involves helping children to understand their own feelings and others’ and begin to regulate their behaviour. We support children to do this through working together with parents, having consistent approaches, structure, routine and age / stage appropriate boundaries. We help build confidence and self-esteem by valuing all children and giving lots of praise and encouragement.